Access opportunities
in the Israeli growing
tech market.

About The FinTech
Investment Club

The FinTech Investment Club is a limited exclusive investment club by invitation only, creating a lucrative investment community.

The club’s members have access to high-quality funding rounds, secondary deals, debt deals, and more.

The club invests in enterprise software companies with a focus on FinTech, InsurTech, Anti-Fraud, Cyber, and RegTech at rounds B and C.

The club brings a unique combination of relationships, experience, and network.

The club’s management brings years of experience, Mr. Ben Menachem with 25 years of experience as founder and CEO of the largest pre-covid Fintech company created in Israel, seven years of experience as Chairman of a variety of Fintech companies of different sizes, and Ms. Dagan brings more than 15 years of global experience in investment banking and alternative investments.

Roles, Successes & Exits

The Team

Reuven Ben Menachem

Founder & Partner

Reuven is the Founder and former CEO of Fundtech, a leading global provider of software to the financial services sector.

Mr. Ben Menachem led Fundtech to a successful IPO in 1998 and raised $100 million in a secondary offering in 1999. He sold Fundtech to GTCR (a Chicago-based private equity firm) in 2011, and in 2015 Fundtech was sold to a strategic buyer for $1.25B.

Today, Mr. Ben Menachem is the chairman and director of several leading fintech companies including Otoma, Anagog, Kissterra as well as social ventures.

Lital Dagan

Founder & Managing Partner

Lital has more than 15 years of global experience in investment banking and alternative investments. She represented the hedge fund industry in Israel for over 5 years as the CEO of the IHFA – Israeli Hedge Funds Association, (with over $16B of AUM) she now serves as a board member.

She has a proven track record of successful collaboration with investors and fund managers and has created a global platform for multinationals in Israel. Lital is well connected in the local capital market as well as with government authorities.

She is a member in good standing of the Israel Bar Association and holds an Executive MBA from Tel Aviv University.

The Concept

The club’s members have access to high-quality investments.

The decision to participate is based on due diligence that will be conducted by the club’s management and the lead investor.

The club’s eco-system is based on top investment banks, global venture capital, and private equity firms.

The members can share deals with other members and offer them to participate in those deals.

The Club intends to invest in 5 deals a year.

The Club’s management co-invests with the club’s member.

Our Members

Successful Founders
and CEOs

which founded or/and manage
global multi-$B or multi-
$100M companies

Seniors Executives

Current and former
Fortune-500 senior executives
in a variety of sectors

Professional Investors,
Financial executives

who serves in senior positions in
Investment banks, Private Equity, Venture
Capital, wealth management, Single Family Offices and more.

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